​I ​l​ive to​ teach & learn.

Here's what you​'ll ​want to know about me :

- I work for myself since 2015 as an online French ​Teacher and ​Coach
- I graduated in ​Landscaping and worked until 2014 as a ​Green ​Project ​Coordinator
- I speak 4 languages fluently (French, English, Dutch, Portuguese)

​- I lived in 4 different countries​ (​​​easy to guess : France, Canada, Holland, Brazil)
​- ​My favorite projects ​revolve around ​being ​social​, problem-solving skills ​& ​​innovation

​- I work hard to remind others that there's always a way​ to make things happen

​Do you have a project or job where you think ​I'd be a great match?

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